Sunday, January 13, 2013

What should you do after constipation?

When the worst part of constipation is in the past and the unpleasant moments in WC are already history you should know what to do after that. The irregular bowel movement is a problem that should not be neglected. To ensure that this will not happen again, you will need to follow short and beneficial for your stomach and intestines diet after constipation that will help you on the way of total coping with this huge health issue. 

Check below what kind of diet is perfect after constipation. Learn what is needed to make your metabolism and organism work great and efficiently again. When people hear the word "diet," most of them are scared that they face days of eating only fruits and lettuce. This is not true, however, the vegetables are an integral part of your diet after constipation.

The ingredients that are included in this popular diet after constipation are: lettuce, olives, chicken, turkey, onions, cabbage, carrots and all kinds of tubers such as potatoes, radishes, turnips, etc. This is the time to mention the best part - the "grill". The aim of the whole diet is to eat fresh food and with no extra meals that include foods such as beans, peas and other. Prepare the chicken on the grill or in extreme cases you can have it fried, but use olive oil. You can do almost anything with vegetables, just don’t cook them. Eat them in raw condition in the form of salad or like dressing of your sandwich.

The aim of the diet after constipation is the less accumulation of fats by the body. The cooked food is always high in fat, which can cause a disorder of the colon function and constipation. You can give up and the use of bread for short time, but this is not mandatory.

The consumption of cranberry juice in this diet after constipation is much recommended. The cranberry juice acts as a natural laxative for people are still suffering from constipation. You can also0 drink juices from juices strawberries, cherries, apricots and black currants. The citrus fruits are also good for the stomach and intestines.

The diet after constipation will strengthen your immune system because you are not eating too much unhealthy food. Some natural supplements can help you a lot because you just can’t supply all needed vitamins and minerals following any given diet. Most important element during constipation that will increase your immune system is vitamin C. It can be obtained directly from fresh lemon and especially form its bark. Remember to take all measures to treat constipation in its early stages.

Combine the foods mentioned above and prepare your meals as per the instructions. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and you will find the top diet after constipation. Many people underestimate the problem, but it can lead to numerous other health issues in the future. Don’t be one of them.


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