Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top Foods That Make You Poop

If you want to know how to poop better then the following best foods that can make you poop will definitely help you to overcome constipation. It’s essential to implement them in your dietary regime, because they are the only natural way that can bring fantastic anti-constipation results without any side-effects. The natural laxatives will not only reduce your pains, but will improve your metabolism. If some of you still wonder why to try them, then the answer is pretty simple. Constipation can cause many other serious diseases and you won’t be able to lose weight and get in shape if you didn’t manage to overcome it.

The following natural laxative foods that can make you poop are really easy to be a part of your daily menu and you can find them in your local store for sure. Combine them with proper exercises and natural herbal extracts and pills if you want to obtain amazing results. They already have helped many people to reduce the chronic constipation pains to minimum, so take advantage of them and enjoy the fantastic results.

Fruits as Natural Laxatives

It’s proven that all fruits that are rich in fiber are the best natural way to reduce the fats obtained through the consumption of meat and other fatty foods. So, try to eat more apples, avocados, prunes, coconuts, figs, grapes, pears and pineapples. They all have proved their beneficial properties during regular consumption. Well, some of them have quicker action than others, but the effect is the same when some time passes.

Grains as Natural Laxatives

All grain foods are perfect tool to reduce the extra fats in your organism and it’s going to be suicide for your constipated body if you don’t include them in your diet. Try to eat as much of them as possible because they are definitely in the list of foods that make you poop regularly.

Vegetables as Natural Laxatives

Different vegetables will not only balance your diet, but they will help you to have better poop for sure. If you eat them in raw condition then you will achieve best results, but it’s not fatal to enjoy them in all available types. The cellulose that they contain will help your organism to push the excessive liquids and substances out of your body and the fiber that they include will reduce the fatty substances and improve your regular bowel movement. So, eat more cabbage and other green veggies if you want to have better poop.

Water and Juices as Natural Laxatives

It’s essential to keep your organism hydrated if you want to relief your constipation. Well, the water and different juices are not exactly foods that make you poop, but all liquids that you have during the day are important for your constipation treatment and weight loss journey. The prune juice, avocado juice and coconut juice are among the top laxative juices that you can take advantage of. Make sure to drink more than the normal quantity of water and juices every day – 15 cups will be fine. More – Better!!!

Legumes as Natural Laxatives

All legumes are really rich in fiber and will bring only benefits for your constipated body. Lima beans, black-eyed peas and soy beans are among the foods that make you poop for sure. There are also many other types of legumes that will balance your digestive tract, so the choice that you have to improve your diet is pretty huge. Many legumes are essential part of many famous diets like Paleo diet, so the weight loss effect that you can experience is also remarkable.

The above foods that can make you poop are just small part of all natural gifts that you can use to relieve your constipation and lose weight. The regular bowel movement is really important factor if you want to get slimmer figure, so the beneficial foods for better poop will relieve both your chronic constipation and weight loss efforts for sure. Well, be more active person and keep in mind that jogging is not the only way to reduce constipation pains and excessive fats.



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